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Skin Needling


Wrinkle and Scar Diminishing Skin Needling Treatment 

The latest alternative to laser resurfacing!! This technique preserves the integrity of the skin as it stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis and thickens it, creating a smooth complexion. It also improves dilated blood vessels and can greatly improve acne scarring, other forms of scars, brown spots, stretch marks, bags under eyes and much more! 

The skin is first locally anesthetized with a topical anesthetic. Once the skin is numbed, a needling instrument abrades the wrinkled or scar area. This technique is effective because the needle breaks up old collagen strands that are tethering the indented wrinkle or scar. The needle thrusts create collagen immediately under the epidermis. The needle only penetrates through the epidermis and does not remove the skin, allowing it to heal rapidly. As the skin swells, the needle pricks fuse and the edges of the epidermis begin to adhere. The procedure stimulates the upper area of the skin. This promotes the remarkable healing response of the body. It instantly reacts and induces collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) and the release of growth factors to form at the puncture site, where the wrinkle or scar was treated. Growth factors augment collagen deposition and maturation. Ultimately, collagen is laid down and “fills" the wrinkle and renews the skin. The process may mimic the results obtained with a laser, but without destroying the outer skin (epidermis). The skin reddens and swells immediately after the treatment. By day 4 to 5, the skin returns to a moderate pink flush which is usually easily covered with make-up and the swelling decreases. 
Collagen and elastin will continuously build and the skin will gradually tighten. The treatment should not be repeated until the epidermis has completely healed. A complete cycle of healing usually occurs within 1 month. This treatment is not for darker pigmented skin, as it could cause discoloration or hyperpigmentation. Other contraindications include: diabetics, those with the herpes simplex virus or cold sore breakouts, and those that experience keloid scarring. 

Permanent Cosmetic artists have been needling scars for years in order to camouflage and smooth out their "pulled" and unnatural appearance.  Clients came who had face lift scars on the outside of her mid face and along the outside of the ear.  As they worked to "remove" any appearance of the scar, they noticed that the surrounding skin became much more noticeably smooth.  The problem now was the skin around the needled area didn't match the rest of her face because it had become "baby butt" smooth with no pores visible!!! The rest of the skin had winkles, minimum acne scarring and uneven texture.  They now needed to get the rest of her face smooth, which they did through the same process, skin needling.  After intense research and experimenting, skin needling can now be offered to you without hesitation. One of the very best treatments for wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, acne, and uneven skin tone, which are unbelievably inexpensive and virtually has no downtime. 

 Men and women alike have benefited from this procedure as it fills in the tissue’s depressed areas, whether by loss of elasticity, injury, scars or acne. Depending upon the size of the area, a single session may take as little as 45 minutes.

You will need to schedule a consultation to determine the areas of concern. Wewill discuss your current medical history, informed consent and after care instructions. We will also take photos from various angles. This is to record and visually chart your progress.

If you are considered to be an acceptable candidate for the skin needling, we will discuss your down-time and relate what your relative appearance will be while healing. Total post-procedure recovery will be 5 to 7 days on average. Your procedural area will look like ‘cat scratches’ for a few days. Some crusting of the procedure area will occur but with a regimen of ointment application and following proper aftercare instructions, the healing process should be minimal without complications. Makeup may be worn the next day. Most people see results almost immediately, and keep seeing results during the healing period thru the following months.

There have been clients where their skin needling has lasted 14 years. The average is usually 2-3 years. While some clients want to stay on top of the aging process, they may schedule every 6-12 months. Results vary with each individual. As wrinkles appear, clients make appointments to make their skin look younger.

The client will present themselves with a new appearance that will increase self-confidence and self-esteem. The results will promote a more youthful appearance or may be the proper correction of a flaw that has been affecting their self image. For acne patients, it has given them the confidence that they have not had since high school when their acne started.

The American Academy of Micropigmentation believes professionals trained in Permanent Cosmetics, also known as micropigmentation, meets the standards required to perform this cosmetic procedure of skin needling. The mission of the Academy is to protect the public, the profession and the permanent cosmetic professional. As such, this involves the use of the same sterile instruments and needles used in tattooing and permanent makeup. There are no reported adverse events associated with this procedure.

Wrinkles and scars are not classified as a disease; therefore the cosmetic treatment of them would not constitute a medical treatment. Skin needling is essentially no more invasive or damaging than the use of electrolysis and/ or microdermabrasion. These similar methods have been employed at spas and beauty salons for decades.

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